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Welcome to the SEBF

The Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund is here to provide support and financial assistance to former members of the London Stock Exchange and their dependents, principally for the relief of poverty.

How can we help?

One Off Payments

You might be awarded a one-off emergency grant or to get you through a short term funding issue. An emergency grant can be made to cover health issues, cost of caring and more practical issues concerning motor repairs and the replacement of everyday equipment in the home.

Ongoing Grants

We offer grants on a one or two year basis if circumstances are longer term and more challenging. The payments contribute towards rent charges, the cost of living, utility costs and the reduction of excess expenditure over income.


In becoming a beneficiary of the SEBF you will be given financial support and a contact to discuss changes in your personal circumstances.

Are you eligible for assistance?

If you are a former member of the London Stock Exchange, or if you are a family member or dependent of a member you may be eligible for help.

We provide financial assistance after taking your personal circumstances and your needs into account. We have an application process that means that your case will be reviewed by the Secretary and presented to the Committee for approval.

If we cannot provide a grant we might be able to offer advice on where you may be able to get help. If your circumstances change, we can review your application at any time.

Get support now

If you think we could help or know of someone who might need assistance, please get in touch using the following form.

Find out how we process your application for help.